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BlogPub MVC - The new blog on the block

Monday, 24 November 2008 5:52

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What interests you in the new BlogPub platform?


Welcome to BlogPub MVC.  A powerful blog system with everything you need built into the core.  You need Ajax?  Build in...  You want cool video, music, polls, etc.   Again, built it.

We leverage the new ASP.net MVC framework and the jQuery framework to build a ajax, rest based blog system that anyone can use.

We have many features never seen before in blogs thanks again to ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, Rest, Flash and other great technologies.  More screenshots, demos, screencasts, etc will be coming soon..  We are only allowing a limited number of invite only accounts.  We will let everyone in as soon as all the beta bloggers run into the major bugs/issues.

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